giving back

Philanthropy Work

We believe in giving back to the community, by offering food parcel to the less fortunate especially during this perilous season of covid-19 and being the solution to social issues that affect South Africans at large. Also aim to invest as much as we can to the youth as we know the future is in their hands. And also we love being part of helping to groom up and coming talent even in upskilling aspiring landscapers and team building.


• Libra Landscape and Facilities Management is classified as a BWO or BBBEE Level 1 enterprise, which is intending to add value to our employees by creating employment opportunity.

• Libra Landscape and Facilities Management was established and founded by its two directors

from a small scale of projects to provide a living for themselves and support the government strategy or community development and life enhancement through job creation.

• We have a vision to empower new companies in any field through business development and support up to 3 years.