About Libra Landscaping

As a young company Libra landscape is a strong competition in the Horticultural field to other SMME and BWO companies, but if a client is looking for quality and reliability, will he / she not be afraid to make use of our services due to our experience and qualifications.

In conjunction with this, Libra Landscape and Cleaning Services cc guarantee a backup service for its main members due to our dedication to become the preferred supplier with our clients.

The directors / members have more than 20 years’ experience and knowledge on horticultural and landscaping activities.  The bush clearing, grass cutting and cleaning services operations were introduced into the business activities year 2006, through open mind and will to acquire knowledge, the last entrance which were considered non-core are sustaining the business and growing.

Black Economic Empowerment Initiatives

Libra Landscape and Cleaning Services cc is classified as a BWO or BBBEE Level 1 enterprise, which is intending to add value to our employee’s by creating employment opportunity.

Libra Landscape and Cleaning Services was established and founded by its two directors from a small scale of projects to provide a living for themselves and support the government strategy or community development and life enhancement through job creation.

We have a vision to empower new companies in any field through business development and support up to 3 years.


1.  Bush clearing, grass cutting as well as invader plant control

2.  Cleaning Services

3.  Indoor Plant

4.  Landscape maintenance and upgrade

5.  Pest and weed control

6.  Gabion construction